Sunday, February 24, 2013

posting my last honeymoon recap! {Bora Bora cont.}

As the title states, this is my last honeymoon recap. Secretly I'm sad I no longer have anything to write about it because I was trying to relive it all through these posts :( but I'm also secretly happy that I have most of the pictures up and posts are all written now!

Moving along... If you missed Part 1 (click here), Part 2 (click here), Part 3 (click here) or Part 4 (click here). we go.

Last time I mentioned that I would recap a couple of activities that we did while we were there; I would have put them in the last post but it was entirely too long as is and I felt like a couple of them needed extra space! So here we are.

We went on this honeymoon VERY flexible. Though it was possible to buy and book excursions ahead of time for cheaper rates, we honestly didn't know what we would feel like doing, so we didn't plan anything! Once we got there and got a feel for things, we made decisions. And just as a little piece of info...Bora Bora is very relaxed and known for being so calm, therefore there are literally less than 10 things you can do here--excursions, tours, etc.. It is definitely not for active people or people who like excursions all day, every day. Luckily, we are not those people :)

Polynesian Dance on the Beach

The first "activity" we did just a couple nights into it was attend a Polynesian dance on the beach. The dance was scheduled at 8:00pm so after spending the afternoon and evening laying out and swimming, then eating a quick dinner, we got all dolled up and headed into the beach.

Once there, we grabbed a seat on the steps where they had laid pads down and waited as everyone else filed in to watch. At about show time, I'd say there were only about 30 of it was perfect and intimate.

Then the dance started...

These girls were SOOOO good!! They sure could shake their rumpas!! It was mesmerizing and fascinating to watch and they certainly kept us entertained the entire time.

It lasted about 45 minutes or so and afterwards they wanted all the women and men to come to the front and grab a partner and they would teach you then you would perform in front of everyone. It was so fun to watch everyone else..even some younger kids (about 10-12) got up and did it. So cute!

After all the fun on the beach and sand in our toes we called it a night. I didn't learn how to shake my rumpa quite like them but was so happy we went. It was a neat experience!

Jet ski Island Tour

So after a couple of days of being there and the weather being absolute perfection, we decided we wanted to do the jet ski excursion. Basically you rent a jet ski (or two if you each want your own) and you go out and take an all afternoon tour around the island with a tour guide and other jet skis--whoever signed up. They take you on the innerside of the reef where the hotels are, as outside it would be quite boring and probably too rough/dangerous. It looked fun and we saw other people doing it a couple days and signed ourselves up for the afternoon session early one morning!

After spending the afternoon doing our thing, we arrived to the beach that afternoon when scheduled and our tour guide already had our jet ski's ready for us. After getting everyone fitted for life jackets, he gave us a quick 30 second instruction with a couple hand signals and told us to get on. I chose to ride with Ryan as we didn't need our own jet skis, and also because I would probably be too scared alone anyway :)

Crazy hair, don't care!

After everyone was on theirs, we took off. We took off going left from our hotel and over the next few hours, we encircled the entire volcano, riding across the smoothest and clearest water.

The water look very shallow in most parts but I assure you it is not. The visibility of it just makes it appear that way, it is actually quite deep! The VERY deep parts, however, do have a different shade to them...a darker blue and you can literally see where it changes colors almost like a line has been drawn. It is crazy.

This is completely can see where the water depth/color changes

We would stop periodically to look at things such as the city of Vaitape which is located on the bottom of the volcano, and we also stopped near other landmarks and hotels. The tour guide would explain things to us and off we would go again!

The last little stop we did was on a very shallow and warm sand bar. It was basically like our hotel beach but wasn't near any hotels or anything so it was very calm and serene. He also cut up a coconut for us all here too--Ryan LOVED the fresh coconut everywhere but I'm not, and never have been, a coconut fan. The whole experience of the sandbar in the middle of nowhere reminded me of Gilligan's Island though :)

After relaxing here for awhile and then getting back on the jet skis, we arrived back to our hotel a few hours after leaving. We were both semi-burnt on the tops of our knees and tops of our feet but we had so much fun. It was definitely the most fun activity we did while there and I would recommend it to anyone, plus our tour guide was great!

Romantic Dinner on the Beach

The last "activity" I wanted to post about was a dinner on the beach. We actually had this scheduled for Tuesday and I had no idea it was Tuesday so we got ready and went on Wednesday. Upon arrival they basically told us they had no idea what we were talking about so we felt a little discouraged and went back to our bungalow only to realize I had totally messed it up and should have double checked things ;) whoops! Anyway, it was no big deal and we rescheduled it for the next night and it ended up working out perfectly that way.
So basically we spent our day doing the normal thing and then showed up at the hotel's restaurant that night, ready for our dinner.
I LOVE the back of this dress. So feminine and sexy :)
They led us out to our setup and we had a table with these who huge straw seats made for a king set up all by itself. The table was set so beautifully and had the most gorgeous view I have ever seen. Seriously, it was breathtaking.
We had a seat and were given our personalized menus.

We were then served hot bread and butter, an option of a few different wines, plus (glass) bottled water.

Our dinner then was a 5 course meal and actually the first 5 course meal I had ever had. Sheltered child, I suppose :)

I liked a few things; LOVED one, and didn't care for a few things but picked at them anyway. We talked, laughed, and stared at the view. It was the most romantic thing we have ever done, honest to God. I felt like we were all alone on a beach/island and loved every minute of it.
After dinner we got a small desert each--it was basically a chocolate lava cake with coffee ice cream and some fruits. It was great, then we talked awhile longer as the sun set completely and we could no longer see the mountain, only stars.
We decided to call it a night and headed back to our bungalow, bellies full!
So there were our few activities we really enjoyed--all very different, but all awesome. Overall, our trip was nothing short of amazing. I told Ryan several times that it was literally the happiest I had ever felt in my entire life. The stress of the wedding was completely gone and we had absolutely not a care in world for 2 weeks. It is an amazing feeling and one I could have never gotten at home. The views, activities, and serenity of Bora Bora was certainly what made it what it was...everything we imagined. If anyone ever gets the chance to go and experience this, we would recommend it time and time again. I think EVERYONE deserves that feeling.
And, as cliche as it may sound, there was no one else in the world I would have rather have spent the time with...I am more in love today with Ryan than I ever have been and hope to continue to grow on that for the rest of my life.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

still honeymoon recapping! {Bora Bora edition}

If you missed the first few parts, click: here for Part 1 , here for Part 2, or here for Part 3.

The next few days...

The next few days were all about the same besides a few extra things here and there. We literally woke up every morning around 6am or so (how can anyone sleep in paradise?!) and immediately brushed our teeth and threw on our beachwear. We grabbed everything we thought we would need for the day including cameras, snorkel gear, sunblock, etc. and threw it all in our beach bag and headed in--it is a FAR walk from our bungalow to the beach or main area of the hotel so you didn't ever want to forget anything!

We would head in to breakfast that was waterside. It was an "American Buffet Breakfast" that was absolutely awesome. It literally had every single kind of breakfast food you can think of: waffles, french toast, bacon, sausage, breads and cheeses, cereals, fruits, and even a chef to make you eggs or omelets or whatever else your little heart desired. And they had juices, lots and lots of juices! My favorite and something my mouth has been watering for ever since was banana juice! I drank soooo much of it. So all of this breakfast business was definitely a highlight of the trip. We are not even normally breakfast eaters besides a granola bar or something but we looked forward to it each day and would tease each other about what we were going to eat the next day!

After being completely stuffed from breakfast we would head to the beach, put down our things and lather up with sunblock, then head to the beach shack to get beach towels and flippers for snorkeling. We would then spend our entire morning snorkeling in the inner lagoon of the hotel. There were coral gardens, small fish, big fish, sea turtles, sea urchins, so many neat things to look at!

Once we got tired of that after a few hours, we would lay out in a hammock or lawn chair and just soak in the sun.

Eventually lunch would hit (about 6 hours or 7 hours after getting in) and we would head back to our room and share a fruit from breakfast, usually an orange or apple we had brought with, and then each eat something small we brought from home. Cue groceries here. It was great to have small things with us (tuna packets, cheese and cracker packets, skinny cow chocolates, Pringles) and ended up saving us a lot of money not having to buy lunch at the hotel or anything! Plus it was kinda nice to be able to have food from home anyway.

So after lunch we would do it all over again...head back into the beach and layout, swim, snorkel, get in the pool, or whatever.

Sometimes we would choose to swim off our deck instead and would have fun jumping over each other or seeing how far out we could get. We also had brought some rafts from home and blew them up and would float on them off our bungalow deck a lot of times. It was fun but a lot of times it was exhausting not being able to touch for long periods of time and Ryan can't float as well as I can :)


Some creep I caught trying to look up my sundress :)

We also choose to kayak a couple of times in the afternoon. The water is so smooth it is soooo easy to do and so fun! The first time I got freaked out because we saw a whole pod (?) of stingrays swim beneath us in really shallow water but after getting used to seeing them so often it was second nature and I wasn't as scared of them.

Here is a video of Ryan trying to scare one away from our bungalow for us :) Below it are pictures...

By night fall we would usually head back to our room and order room service while showering off for the day and getting ready for bed. We literally did this all but two nights--it was so relaxing to be able to eat on our deck instead of getting ready and heading the restaurant and also romantic!

It's really hard to tell how little this guy is b/c it's zoomed in so far but he was literally like 1/2 the size of my pinky from head to tail! He came to visit us one evening after dinner on our deck :)

We would then set the trays outside the room and turn down our sheets for sleep! We went to bed ridiculously early every night but we were also getting up ridiculously early every morning. Plus, there isn't much to do after nightfall isn't party central by any means!

I will tell you all about a few activities we did while there in my next post, but for the most part, the above scenario is how we spent every single day there. We loved every single minute of doing nothing! We had even planned to do several excursions before we got there but once there,we didn't even want to was heaven! The hotel was sooo empty (it was their down season) and we felt like the only ones there most days! Most of the time we wouldn't even see another person on the beach the entire day; now tell me that isn't ideal?!

Until next time...enjoy the rest of your weekends!!