Tuesday, March 5, 2013

retelling the story of the worst date I've ever been on.

Since I have never shared this story on my blog and very few people have probably ever heard it, I figured today was a great day to share it with all of you.

So lets rewind to this horrible, terrible, no good, very bad date, shall we?

My friends and I had always been friends with the older boys because, well, they had cars and were older. We didn't have cars (license), obviously. Match made in heaven. But once they had graduated high school and all of us got into other relationships, the friendships we once had with them kind of fell by the way side. We would only hang out once in a blue moon when they were home for holiday breaks or whatever.

Well the Christmas of my senior  year all of the guys had come home from college and one of them was having a get together--and we showed up. I had dated the same guy all through high school but as fate would have it, I was newly single at this point. Throughout the night, I kind of started to "click" with one of the guys who I had always just been friends with but didn't think much about it really.

But before I knew it we were talking/texting regularly and as months went by, it kind of got to the point of maybe we should go on a date. I knew he was up at college in Iowa City though and he knew I was fresh out of a relationship so neither of us were expecting much out of it--thank God.

We talked about going to a movie one weekend when he would be home, because you know--he was way too cool to come home JUST for a date with a high school girl--and set a date.

For some reason, I was so nervous the entire day. Finally the evening came and with the date still on, I began to get ready. I don't remember what time I was supposed to be ready exactly, but lets just say I waited....and waited...and waited.

Finally I text him to see what was going on..was this guy seriously ditching me? I mean, I could have been out with my friends this entire time!

He said he "had a problem" and asked if I could pay my own way into the movie theater. I was so frustrated and so confused I wanted to just say "no, forget it" BUT I had already gotten ready for this date, been waiting on him all night, and ditched my friends for the night so I unhappily said yes and about 20 minutes later he finally showed up to get me.

As I got in the car, he told me what had happened. He had gotten money from his parents for the night and upon doing so, promised his mom he would clean out his car before taking someone on a date. He went TO THE GAS STATION to clean out his car, came home, got ready, and realized he no longer had the money. He looked everywhere and couldn't find it, even going back to the gas station and digging through the garbage there thinking he had thrown it away when he cleaned out his car. With his parents being out of town at this point, he had no other option but to finally ask me if I could pay.

Why wouldn't he just use his debit card you might ask? Well, being the really responsible 21 year old that he was, he had gone out on his 21st birthday just awhile before this incident and gotten so drunk that he passed out on a deck of some strangers house while his friend was inside. Some kids walked by, realized he was incoherent, stood him up, took his wallet, laid him back down, and took off. He came to as they were taking off but was in no state to chase them so he yelled for his friend and his wallet was looong gone. So he didn't have a new debit card yet.

Still annoyed, but kind of laughing/feeling bad for him at this point, I shrugged it off and figured the rest of the night would be as smooth as a babies bottom.

Oh how wrong I was.

We were obviously late to the movie, and apparently in 2005 "The Ring 2" (romantic, eh?) was a popular choice and literally were left with only one option. Two seats in the top row.

Once we sat down and began watching, I began noticing a drip on my leg. One, two, three, four...continuing dripping. THE CEILING WAS LEAKING ON ME.  Before I knew it, I had a huge wet spot on my leg and it wasn't like I could just sit a different way and avoid the drops...there was no getting around it. So as the movie continued, so did the dripping.

Instead of offering to switch me seats, give me something to help deflect it, or even leave, this kid put his hand on it for awhile and then just acted like it wasn't happening. My inner demon child was coming out at this point.

Once the movie was over and we were walking out, he assured me we could exit through the "EXIT" door in that particular theater...you know, the one made for emergencies?! I told him I didnt' think you were supposed to, but probably being embarrassed of my wet spot, he did anyway and was SURE that our car was right where we were exiting. He was wrong.

As we got back in the car and made the 25 minute drive home I wanted to be invisible. I didn't want to talk to him, ride home in the car with him, or ever even see him again. It was a complete nightmare and a date I wished had never happened. I mean, my friends were out having fun I'm sure, while I was paying to get rained on.

We then got home and HE ASKED IF I WANTED TO HANG OUT FOR AWHILE. Psssht.

I remember walking into my room and sitting on the corner of my bed and just crying. I really didn't expect much to come of it, and obviously had no plans to marry this kid, but I didn't expect one of the first dates I had ever been on to be such a complete flop either. I vowed to never speak to him again from that point forward.


8 years later, I married him. And he's been paying for dates ever since.