Monday, June 24, 2013

giving a life and pregnancy update {23 weeks}

I haven't been updating this as much as I would've hoped to for this pregnancy but that seems to be the theme of my life when summer comes around... who wants to sit behind a computer screen when the weather is so gorgeous out?!


Ryan and I have had a busy few weeks lately. Last weekend he golfed in the ProAm tournament at the country club which lasted both Saturday and Sunday, and included a supper Saturday evening for everyone. Then, Sunday evening he had a slowpitch game. So I spent the weekend being a spectator of sports between the country club and ball field. I would like to say I got some sun during all of that but I definitely did not, it was raining off and on and just muggy and icky in general.

This past week, Ryan happened to have Thursday off because he golfed for the company in the a tournament meaning he was able to be home early and spend the night with me! That's always exciting. We grilled out and just enjoyed the evening together, nothing exciting.

Then, this past weekend, I spent Friday night hanging out with Curt as he took the day off because it was his birthday. We didn't do ice cream, cruised around, etc.

Then Saturday Cass was home so I spent the morning/early afternoon swimming with her, Kins, and the family. Afterwards, Ryan, Curt, and I headed to DM. Ryan and I finished our baby registry at Buy Buy Baby (you can see it online) and also did some random shopping/errands while we were there. After a long day we all try to decide where to eat and all agreed on Jethro's since none of us had been there before. We had a little bit of a wait but it was worth it--the food was good! We got home that night and the boys stayed awake watching Die Hard lol and I went straight to bed--I.was.exhausted.

Ryan and Curt both ordered one of these. Healthy, right?

Yesterday morning I had a bridal shower for a friend and then we spent the afternoon out on the boat. The weather wasn't ideal but the water was smooth and perfect for this preggo! Some people were in the water tubing, skiing, etc. but I stayed dried in my clothes!

Phewww...I just recapped our busy weekends as short as possible. See why we have no free time on the weekends anymore?! It is go-go-go around here!!

Lastly, to update everyone on the baby and this pregnancy...{I am currently 23 weeks and 1 day}

Morning Sickness
First of all, I have been feeling SO much better at this point. I rarely get sick anymore at all! So thank you, thank you to everyone who said prayers, sent me a message, or offered advice. I appreciate all of it. I am finally able to relax and enjoy this pregnancy a little bit which makes my life so much easier!

Weight Gain
I had gained almost 4lbs at my last appointment, and I think I've gained another since then. So I'm up about 5lbs right now. I know it doesn't seem like much but it is MUCH better than losing any and trust me, I feel like I've gained it!

Baby Bump
My belly is a full blown preggo belly at this point and there is no hiding it! I hadn't seen Cass in a few weeks and when she showed up Friday night at my house I think her jaw hit the ground just how much my belly had grown! Looking down I can actually see a perfectly rounded belly sticking out further than my chest now. She is growing like a weed in there :)

She is a kicking machine! I tell Ryan daily that I swear she is getting stronger and stronger by the day. Sometimes I just feel a little movement or turn and other times I swear she is just plain kicking me! I feel her every hour around the clock at this point, I'm not sure when she is sleeping exactly.

About a week and a half ago I actually woke up from all her kicks--I was half way sleeping on my belly and I think she may have been uncomfortable because she was going nuts. I realized what was going on and rolled over and we both must have fallen back asleep.

Just yesterday for the first time I finally noticed her reacting to outside noises. Ryan's dad let off an air horn to scare Curt and the second he did it she literally jumped and I felt 4 little hands/feet all at the same time. I think it startled her more than it did Curt! I just had to laugh because it was so funny but of course no one else knew what had happened until I told them.

Lastly, when she is kicking, my entire belly will shake or protrude for a second! This just started happening in the last 2 week I'd say but it's so funny to watch and feel and her daddy gets just as excited to feel her as I do. Sometimes when we're just laying there he'll put his hand on my belly and ask why she's not moving. :)

Eeeeek! So excited for this. Ryan and I scheduled an elective 3D/4D ultrasound in DM for July 20th. It is just for fun but I want to see her little face again and in 3D. She will be more filled out at this point with a little meat on her bones hopefully so she'll look more like she will closer to birth. Also, because I'm crazy, I want to make sure SHE really is a she and is not growing a penis instead! We have invited his dad to go and also my parents--we may also have friends going and may not..just depends on what's going on in everyone's lives that day!

Last night we tried out the little miss' Baby Bjorn...Dez is such a good sport :)

So anyway, that is all I have to share about life around here lately. I hope that got everyone caught up on what's been going on and where we've been! Have a wonderful week!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

it's a GIRL!!!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

It's been just over a week now since our ultrasound and I think I finally came down from my natural high I was on for so long!

Last Monday Ryan, baby, and I had our 20 week anatomy ultrasound; I was 20 weeks and 1 day to be exact. We went in for our routine appointment that day as well, but also knew we'd be having the ultrasound done to check for birth defects, general health, etc. and also hopefully get to catch a glimpse of baby's sex...the ultrasound being the most exciting part of the day, obviously.

You guys, I was soooooo excited for this appointment I literally cannot explain the feeling. It was all I had been able to think about for the last 2 weeks leading up to it and the day before was absolutely horrible! I was so excited to see this little mite I couldn't focus on anything else!

Finally, the day of came and I was up and at it bright and early just waiting around for our appointment--note to self, do NOT schedule a late afternoon appointment ever again! Well, once we finally got there and I realized I had actually survived the wait time and it was just a waiting room game at this point, the nurse came out and said they were switching my appointments around and my checkup would actually be BEFORE my ultrasound--which is opposite of how it was scheduled! Just add to my anxiousness a little more!

So Ryan and I headed back to our appointment and did the usual. As the Dr. was finishing up and doing my tummy check, the ultrasound tech called and said she was ready for me and he hurried me out of there into her room--he had no idea just how excited I was! (Ryan's mom was also there with us)

We all headed back to the dark ultrasound room. I laid on the table while Ryan sat to my left, his mom behind us, and the tech to the right. Up ahead there was a flat screen tv. The tech put the jelly on my belly, the transducer on my belly, and then flipped on the tv....there was baby just as clear as could be.

The first view we could see was the little profile shot. It instantly sent goosebumps up my body. We had seen the baby at 6 weeks 1 day old, but at that point it was literally just a blob on the screen...this time though? A real baby! It was so crazy to emotional and overwhelming.

She held the transducer there for a minute and explained everything we were seeing, though it was all pretty obvious. She showed us baby's face, legs, arms, torso, and even all the little fingers.

And my golly was he/she moving! Absolutely kicking up a storm. When we first looked, baby had it's feet in it's hands and was playing with it's little toes. Then just a minute later, baby was bouncing on my bladder (the tech had to tell me this because it didn't feel strong enough to actually be my bladder quite yet) just up and down as though it was a trampoline. Then, baby's ankles were crossed and he/she did a somersault in there...he/she was VERY active to say the least.

The tech pointed out a few things quickly (baby's kidneys, bladder, heart) and then asked if we wanted to check the sex really quickly. We both said YES and she moved her transducer around a bit and was looking and said "it looks like a little girl to me." I almost couldn't believe it for a second and kept looking at the screen to make sure but my eyes were quickly filled with tears and the screen then looked blurry. Ryan grabbed for my hand as she pointed out 3 little lines (her girl parts) down there and said she didn't see anything that looked like a boy. I then just began to cry...there were no holding in the tears at that point and Ryan was equally as excited; I even had to let go of his hand because he was shaking his leg/foot so bad that it was making my body shake and the making the picture move!

It was just such a happy feeling for us both, one I know I will NEVER forget. Just knowing what she was, knowing she was ok, seeing her as an actual baby on the screen now and not just something in my stomach, and being able to finally call her by was overwhelming and emotional to say the least, but so so wonderful.

She then said the next few parts would be boring for us as she had to take measurements of things (her heart chambers, head, parts of her brain, etc.). Though I would argue and say I didn't think it was boring at all...knowing our little baby had all 4 heart chambers (she didn't even tell me this until I was reading everything she typed in and asked) and is growing exactly as she's supposed to be is just as good of a feeling as hearing the sex. But, I will say, it wasn't as exciting as just watching her bounce around inside me.

After she finished up her measurements (these took awhile) she said she would peek again to double check her sex...she said the same thing, that she looks like a girl and explained how sometimes the umbilical cord can actually look like girl parts when it's actually a little boy so she will never say she's 100% positive. Ryan was trying to get it out of her and she never did say she was 100% but she seemed fairly confident, so we'll take it :) She let us watch her for a few more minutes and in this time she even had her hand closed but extended one little finger like she was pointing at us...I think she knew we were talking about her :) Then we wrapped it up. I cleaned up my belly, got myself back in order, and we headed out.

I was so happy and so excited I don't even hardly remember the rest of the appointment. I did have to go get blood drawn for some more tests (which came back negative! Thank you, God) and honestly she could have poked me 400 times and it wouldn't have upset me that day! I was on cloud 9. We then met with my Dr. once more and were headed home. Ryan's mom drove herself, so she was off one way, and we were off to go buy baby her first  second outfit!

It was the most perfect day. As I described it to Ryan, it was the second favorite day of my entire life, first being our wedding day. Just hearing that she was healthy would have been enough, but to get to see what we could see, hear she was a girl, and see all her little body parts was just amazing. She just looked so perfect in there and I can't wait to meet her.

I can't wait to see what colors her eyes are, what her hair looks like, how her voice sounds; I am just so excited for all of it, every...little...bit...of it.

**I had been so excited for our ultrasound for weeks; I wanted to know the baby's sex, but I also wanted to know that he/she was ok in there and growing just like they should be--I just KNEW it was going to be a great day. Then, the night before we went in, as we got ready for bed, it all hit me and I just started crying...and cried and cried and cried. I was so overwhelmed with emotion and it all hit me at once...the day I had looked forward to for so long could ultimately take a terrible turn and go from what I expected to be one of the best days of my life to ultimately one of the worst. I was scared. As I sat on the edge of the bed just crying and telling Ryan how scared I was... maybe I didn't pray enough, or maybe I shouldn't have taken my morning sickness medicine, Ryan took me in his arms and kept reassuring me I had nothing to worry about and that if for some reason we did have something to worry about, we would face it and be fine. He then said something that is embedded in my brain...he said, "Aud, our glass is overflowing with blessings, just enjoy it and stop worrying." It was exactly what I needed to hear, at exactly the right time. God certainly gave me him (and this baby) for a reason...he is perfect and I couldn't ask for a better partner in this life, or a better person to be the calm to my crazy.

This was a couple of weeks ago.....but there is my ever-growing belly, in all it's glory! :)