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revealing Miss Milania's nursery!

With the little miss' arrival being literally any day now, we have finally completed her nursery.We are 100% done with it, minus flowers for a vase and a plaster handprint thing I obviously cannot make until she is here. I am just obsessed with the way it all came together and I wanted to share it with all of you!

Several months ago I did this post, where I showed you nursery inspiration pictures and my idea of the "perfect" nursery began to blossom. From there, I adapted it all to my own likings and what was available and came up with this...

It all came together better than I had ever envisioned and it blew all my inspiration pictures out of the water. I am in love with this room and this little girl and cannot wait to bring her home to it.

Now, I know this is a hot topic of debate, but Ryan and I decided against a crib bumper for the little miss. Basically I'm a psycho and research EVERYTHING, literally everything, and after much reading and checking into, we decided against one, strictly out of safety concerns. If you know me, you know I wanted one in there with the cute little pink bows to tie along the crib edges to make it look so girly and "perfect" but this sweet baby's safety is my number 1 priority and LOTS of research has shown they are just not safe. Plain and simple. Did you know the sale of crib bumpers is illegal in the city of Chicago and the entire state of Maryland?!  No stores in either place are even allowed to carry them. So that is why she does not have a crib bumper or any real "bedding".

Now it's just a waiting game...
  • Dresser & crib are part of the Legacy Kids Enchantment Collection from Buy Buy Baby
  • My grandpa made the changing table and we color matched the paint at Menard's. Fun fact: all of my cousins' children have the very same changing table too :)
  • Glider and Ottoman are Best Chairs brand, from
  • Gold stand is from, originally red but we spray painted it gold.
  • Gold dots on the wall are from the Etsy shop Urbanwalls
  • Mirrors above the changing table are from a Michael's in South Dakota. The original ribbon was changed out for the pink thanks to Debbie, who has been MORE than kind and helpful to us!
  • Door jammer was from an Etsy shop called Teeny Monster Designs (it works REALLY well and I'd def suggest getting one if you have a little mite!)
  • My grandpa also made the bow holder on the dresser and then Ryan spray painted it gold
  • Shelves above the glider are from Target
  • Prints were specially created by an Etsy shop, printed, and then frames were bought separately and spray painted gold.
  • Curtains were from Target a few years ago and Debbie made the bows for me to jazz them up a bit
  • Decoration above the crib is from Hobby Lobby several years ago, spray painted gold also
  • Lamp on the side table is also from Debbie...topped off with a little gold "M" :)
  • The dog randomly popping up in pictures is from a breeder 7 years ago. She's been causing me headaches ever since and is free to a good home ;)
Any other questions, feel free to ask :)

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Pregnancy Updating {35 weeks}

My, my, my...where to start? I haven't given an update since 30 weeks and things have certainly changed around here in just 5 short weeks.
Baptism Class
Around 4 or 5 weeks ago (I can't remember when exactly now) Ryan and I completed our Baptism class. Basically, it was just a 2.5 hour class at the church one evening with Jackie and Sharon and several other couples also preparing to have their child baptized; most were still pregnant but one couple had JUST had their baby. We discussed all the basics, such as the meaning of a baptism and why, and discussed personal beliefs, the church's understanding, etc. Of course it wasn't my idea of "fun" but it was nice to visit with other couples about their pregnancy, get a little refresher on the baptism principals, and of course, nice to have it out of the way for when she does arrive. It really wasn't bad at all.
Miss Milania will be getting baptized in the same place we got married if you didn't assume :)
Along with that...I also have some exciting news...
Miss Milania Mae OFFICIALLY has Godparents....
Ryan and I knew we were going to ask Cass and Aaron for a long time but wanted to wait until after the hype of their wedding before we bombarded them with something else. So finally after wedding stuff had died down and they were back from their honeymoon, we got the chance. They both agreed, and that is that :)
We chose them for several reasons that I could go on and on about, but the main reasons were the fact that we both think they're a great couple that share the same religious beliefs as us and are wonderful parents to miss Kinsley Gene. So, they are her Godparents.
Baby's Position
I talked a bit about this on Facebook recently but a couple of appointments ago my Dr. did some poking and prodding and assured us baby was already head down and probably would remain that way, which is great news. Basically, she is head down with her butt up in my left ribcage and her feet extended to the right she's lying at a little bit of an angle (more like an L shape). I wasn't 100% positive before he had confirmed this is how she is laying in there but I was pretty sure--I always feel kicks in the same position (the upper right quadrant of my tummy) and where her little butt is is just has hard as a rock. Also, her hiccups for several weeks were very very low which made me think her little head was down there also. So knowing she is exactly where she needs to be is wonderful news as I want to avoid a C-section at all costs!
100% Ready
That is such a scary thought but I can say with confidence that Ryan and I are 100% ready for this baby. After my shower I felt such a sigh of relief knowing we had almost everything we needed for her. Then, just a couple days later, Bob and Tammy asked what we still needed after we had sorted through everything and literally went out and got it all for us. They came home that afternoon with everything we still needed plus a few extras. To say we are thankful for them is an understatement. Babies need more than I ever could have imagined and knowing we finally have it all PLUS the support of friends and family definitely makes me feel at ease. Everyone has been awesome but they have certainly gone above and beyond this entire pregnancy from bringing me food when I was still fighting morning sickness, to checking up on us almost daily, to just checking up on me yesterday because Ryan was golfing and I had been throwing up the night before... we owe them big time. And Miss Milania does too and she's not even here yet! So yes, we are prepared for baby 100%. Now it's just a waiting game.
Ryan even got her car seat installed for us already!
My Bod
Well, to begin, I am feeling rather HUGE lately. This little peanut should be gaining, at minimum, a half pound every week now, and lets just say I can definitely tell. Not only is my belly getting bigger and bigger, but the weight of her also seems to be doing a number on me. I feel tons of pressure now and sometimes it even hurts when I'm walking around. I literally feels like I'm carrying around a 5-6lb baby now ;). My pregnancy insomnia is still raging and I never sleep for more than 2-3 hours at a time, but I've never been a good sleeper anyway, so you'd think I'd be used to it. Half the time I wake up having to go to the bathroom, sometimes I wake up hungry, and sometimes I just wake up for no good reason. Darn the luck. Besides all that, I actually do feel fine...I just feel "very pregnant" to sum it all up :)
Left: 9 months ago in Bora Bora   Right: 34 weeks pregnant (same dress)
Taking the girls and my huge belly on a walk
Due Date
I have an appointment again Wednesday so I will know more at that point, but where we stand right now:
My Dr. wants me to go off of my shots at 37 weeks..which is only a week and a half away. At that point I will no longer be on any medicine which decreases the risk to me should I go into labor, but increases the risk to baby being inside me still. So at that point we will just pray she decides to make her grand entrance into this world. Should she not, I will be induced at 39 weeks which would put us at October 13th (Sunday) or October 14th (Monday) depending on when he would want to do it. I was given the option of a C-section, but after weighing my odds, I just don't think it's the best option. So for now, that's where we stand. Miss Milania Mae has just 3 weeks and 5 days to come on her own before we start helping her along, should no other changes be made. If something else comes up, I will be sure to update you! Like I said, I have weekly appointments every Wednesday and will know more with each passing Wednesday.
And lastly....
I absolutely cannot wait to meet this little girl I have grown inside me for the last 9 months. I have had the blessing of feeling her kick, squirm, and hiccup inside me daily but I'm sure it is NOTHING compared to holding her in my arms for the very first time. I just cannot wait to see what she looks like...what color her eyes are, how much hair she has, how tiny her hands are, if she has a birthmark, the list goes on and on.  I already think she is just going to be the most beautiful thing and I can't wait. Being pregnant is such a blessing and though it's been a rough road and I may want a glass of wine pretty badly, I don't want ANYTHING more than I want to meet this little girl and for her to be healthy and in my arms.
So wish us luck as these last few weeks pass by and we wait in anticipation of becoming a family of 3...or 5 if I don't send Dezi and Bella to the pound soon ;)

Monday, September 9, 2013

hospital ready.

At exactly every week, from this point on until baby arrives, I will have a Dr. appointment to check on progress and over all well-being. With that being said, this child will be here and in my arms sometime in the next 5 weeks. Isn't that insane?!

Knowing my life is about to change drastically at any given moment, and being a Type-A personality, we have our hospital bags packed so we are ready when she is. Our doctor gave us a list of things that Pella (where we are delivering) suggests you bring, and I also added several things on my own. I did look up a few things online to see what was necessary or unnecessary but this is what we came up with...
Purse with id, insurance cards, etc.
Carseat with blanket
Boppy pillow
Camera bag
Milania's baby book (for them to put foot and hand prints in for us)
Breast pump
Nursing pads
Shampoo/conditioner/body wash/lotion
Deodorant x2
Razors x2
Hair brush
Hair putty (Ryan)
Blow dryer
Makeup bag
Hair clip
Hair ties
Ipad charger
Phone charger

Nursing bra
bootie socks
night gown
velour sweats and tank
flip flops
pink stretchy dress
goucho pants and loose fitting t
6 panties
regular bra

LOL. I would list everything he has but I'd be here all day ;) Basically he just packed some sweats to lounge around in and also some normal outfits.

Pink going home outfit
2 sleepers (they actually don't want us to bring any as they use their sleepers the first couple days)
1 pair of socks
1 pair of mittens
2 bows
1 swaddler
2 burp cloths

We have also created a thank you basket for the nurses who are about to take care of the little miss and myself and we will be taking that with us when we go as well.

Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers
Lifesaver mints
Twix, Snickers, M&M's
A thank you card question to there ANYTHING we are forgetting?? Anything you wish you had brought but forgot or no one told you to take?? Or have I overdone it?? Help this mama out and let me know!

Friday, September 6, 2013

a lucky girl. {baby shower edition}

On Sunday the 25th of August, I was once again reminded just how lucky and blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life. 3 of my very best friends hosted a baby shower for me and my day was spent not only getting "showered" but in complete aww of all the gifts we received. Seriously, it was one of the best days of my entire life and such a good reminder of how much I have to be thankful for.

Brittney, Cassie, and Rachel were the ones who hosted my shower for me and as I mentioned at the end during my thank you's..I owe them SO much. They literally did everything from ordering the invitations, addressing them, to preparing EVERYTHING. I didn't have to do a single thing except show up and that meant so much to me. I know showers are hard (and expensive) to host, so I am more than thankful to these girls for all the time and money they put into it; I don't know what I would do without them in my life!

Moving along...

Here are the invitations from Tiny Prints the girls sent out. Aren't they adorable?! In case you live under a rock, the colors are the exact colors of our nursery so they are even more perfect. The first insert was the actual invitation itself, the second insert was a request to bring a baby book as part as your gift which the English teacher in me loved, and the third part (not shown) was for a diaper raffle. It basically said if you bring a package of diapers, any size, that your name would be put into a raffle for a prize. My cousin had this done at her shower and swore it was the best thing created so that was my only request for the shower.

The actual day of the shower, I spent the morning lounging around the house and then the afternoon getting ready. Ryan's sister came over and then his dad and Tammy did as well so we talked to them as I finished getting ready and then headed out the door.

**note: I bought a "baby shower dress" the day before the shower and then after trying it on the day of, decided against it. I just didn't feel "pretty" in it and decided I wanted to wear something I recycled a dress I wore to Cassie's shower and also a wedding this summer.

Once I got to the shower I tried to say hello to everyone as they came in and offered to help with anything not done but the girls had it under control. Once everyone was there, we started.

The first thing the girls did was have me play a game. Basically, they had gotten baby food and taken the labels off and I was to taste test each one and guess what kind it was. Cassie stood behind me with the words held up so everyone else knew except me. At this point it became very obvious that I have never had a child before...I literally got ZERO right. ZERO. Can you believe that?! I did technically guess one right only because Grandma Gene helped me though ;). I don't exactly remember all the flavors right now but one was apples I believe and it was actually pretty tasty. There was a green one that was...eeeh...not good.

Next the girls had a game for everyone to play. There were lots of candies and candy bars taped up to a posterboard and questions were asked to the guests and they had to answer with which candy they think best fit the question.

For example:
If Audrie and Ryan were to have twin boys, what might the names be? (Mike and Ike)
Mommy's lunch? (take 5)

I had never seen this game played before and thought it was so cute. I didn't even know a couple of them but several people seemed to do really well!

The last game played was also a game for all the guests. Before the shower I was given a list of traits that babies get from either mommy or daddy. I had to go through and pick which person I would prefer she get her traits from. Here's what I chose...

The guests were then asked to go through and select what they think I would choose. The guest with the most amount correct won a prize. Abigal ended up winning this...I guess you can tell she's known me for 24 years ;)

After this we took a small break and everyone got to eat. There were lots of yummies that were available including all of my pregnancy cravings and my favorite cupcakes that Brittney makes! I thought that was such a cute idea and had no idea what they were doing when they asked me for a list of all my pregnancy cravings but it finally all made sense when I saw it. I actually didn't end up eating much at all that day because I felt very strange (my stomach was cramping all day and I was sooo shaky--I actually ended up calling the hospital later that evening but that's a whole nother story) but it all looked wonderful.


After everyone ate I got to open my gifts! I was sooo excited to see what everyone had gotten us; I was like a kid on Christmas waiting to open them all! Without going into too much detail and listing every single thing we got, I will highlight some of the gifts we were lucky enough to receive at both the shower and from people who couldn't make it but brought gifts by anyway...


I have also included links to some of the gifts in case you're curious what kind/make/model we chose for Miss Milania, I know I stalked people's choices along with THOUSANDS of reviews prior to registering for things just to see what was best.

Clothes, lots and lots of clothes :)
Car Seat
Baby swing
Bouncer chair
Bumbo chair and tray
Bottles--Dr. Browns, Playtex Ventaire, Tommee Tippee, Avent. Any other suggestions, moms?!
Toys (stuffed animals and chew toys both)
Humidifier (that I currently have running in our room because I've been sick the last couple nights)
Baby Baths--Regular pink tub and blooming bath
Rock 'N Play sleeper (I'm using this for the first few months to set her beside our bed due to recommendations from several people of using this over a bassinette)
Wipes Warmer
Sleep sacks and Swaddlers
Books!!! I am SO excited about all of these!
Lots and lots of diapers of all different kinds, and several other things I'm sure I am forgetting!

After gift opening and thank-you's, I said goodbye to everyone and watched people leave as several others stuck around and helped clean up and load up my car. The girls who hosted my shower along with Cassie's whole family (Grandma Gene, Kristan, Brenna, and Jeff) stuck around and helped do sooo much, I could not say thank you enough. They were all so sweet to me and did so much.

Once I got home, I had a pleasant surprise waiting on me...Ryan and his dad had put together Miss Milania's crib! It wasn't a "surprise" I should note, because I knew they were doing it, but it was a surprise that it was all done and furniture moved around when I got home. It was so surreal to walk in and see a real crib in there and all the furniture she needs finally where it belongs.

Ryan began to unload my car and as I went to help him I got a very strange feeling in my stomach and needed to sit down. He was so sweet though and unloaded both of our cars all on his own and began going through everything. We spent the rest of the afternoon and night literally putting everything away and in its designated spot in her room. It was so fun to organize everything and get to share it all with Ryan. Plus, I really got to look over everything more closely once home and admire all the goodies. Several hours later we were both exhausted from the day and Ryan looked at everything we had received and put away and said "I feel totally ready for her now". If that didn't end our day on a good note, I don't know what could have :)

My entire day was so overwhelming....seeing just how lucky we are to have so many people who love us and are a part of our lives makes me so grateful. I felt so so special and overwhelmed with love and thanks.  Miss Milania Mae has absolutely no idea just how loved she already is by so many people.

So thank you again to those of you who made it to the shower or sent gifts for us; I don't know where we would be without you! We are so lucky to have you all in our lives and are grateful for each and every thing we received.

And to the girls who hosted my shower--thank you again. You are my besties for a reason and none of it would have happened without you. I love all three of you!

**next week I have a few posts already lined up. Can you believe it?! Check back to see posts about my bestie's wedding, Dezi and Bella, a pregnancy update, and also some questions for mom's.