Wednesday, December 9, 2015

updating on Cecilia Rose {6 months}

Our sweet, perfect, happy, healthy little girl is officially 6 months old.

Your appointment got pushed back a little ways this month due to me working, so we don't have an official weight/height measurement. If I had to guess, it would be around 15lbs and 25.5 inches. You have rolls EVERYWHERE. Your little legs are just so chubby it is adorable. You are still in size 1 shoe and size 2 diaper. Clothes and sleepers are all size 3-6 months or 6 months.

You are absolutely just a ray of sunshine. You are such a happy baby. You love being held and as long as someone is holding you or giving you what you want, you are a happy girl. You love when mama talks to you and makes funny faces and love seeing daddy when he gets home in the evening.

You are still uneasy about strangers but have warmed up to the idea of at least letting them look at you for a second. You aren't fond of them touching you or getting to close but at least they can peek now.

My favorite thing that has happened all month is: you reach your arms out for us to pick you up now! It absolutely melts my heart. You just still seem so little to me but you are certainly growing and changing daily.

You are a pro at rolling from you back to your belly but still refuse to do belly time which means you have not rolled from your belly to your back yet. We know you are able to but you just get so mad on your belly and start screaming that we flip you back over. Your way or the highway!

You are getting much better at sitting up. We place the boppy behind you and you love to play with toys in your lap and will even sit tripod sometimes.
You still don't take bottles often but that is changing with week with mommy working for about 6 weeks. We have been "practicing" and you've impressed me--you are holding it on your own and even seem to know what to do with it!

Mommy/daddy only
When anyone bounces a ball for you
Anything you can chew on
Being held
Car rides

Getting pajamas on/ready for bed
being set down
Milania in your face
Loud Noises

Things to look forward to this month
Your first Christmas
Your first New Years Eve--we are staying in a hotel for the first time with you!

Here are some pictures taken over the last month...




Sunday, November 22, 2015

{Cecilia Rose's 5 month update}

You are another month older already! I feel like I just typed up your last update and now here you are, 5 months old. My, my, slow down little one.

You haven't been weighed in awhile but we guesstimate you to be around 13.5-14lbs. You are wearing 0-3 month clothes (not for much longer) and 3-6 month sleepers. And we have you in size 2 diapers now. Your feet are tiny and still fit in size 1 shoes. We aren't sure your length but you are just a short little thing still..we are always rolling your pants up for you.

You are still the happiest little thing for us and Milania. And still the crankiest little thing if any stranger approaches or even looks at you. You're holding on tight to this stranger anxiety but we are working on it.

Besides that you love to watch Milania play and have started laughing a lot more lately. You will giggle when she drops a book or when she starts dancing. You are also all smiles when you first wake up from naps and for the day and it absolutely melts my heart.

At 4 months & 1 week you rolled over for the first time and that very same day, you did it probably 15 more times. You haven't stopped since! It is always from back to belly though, as you haven't mastered belly to back yet. Once you get rolled over, you are so upset to be on your belly but don't know what to do except cry! So we flip you back and then you roll back to your belly again. Its never ending!
As I mentioned above, you have really found your laugh now. It melts my heart every single time I hear it!
You are officially taking bottles (of breastmilk) now as well as nursing! You don't love them, I'm not sure you ever will, but you will take one which is a huuuuge step for us.
Sleep is about the same as last month; sometimes good, sometimes not. You slept from about 11-5 one night which was the longest stretch you've gone so far! You woke up at 5 thinking you had missed something though and were ready to start your day...mama, not so much. You are still in the Rock N Play to start the night and our bed by morning; we will get to the crib...someday.
Car rides--this is new!!
Mommy being silly and shaking her head
chewing on anything you can get in your mouth!
Getting out of the bath
Milania yelling or startling you
Things to look forward to this month
You getting baptized
Your first Thanksgiving

Here are some pictures over the last month...

Monday, November 9, 2015

sharing a few of Milania's 2 year pictures.

Here are a few of Milania's 2 year pictures! She is such a little Ham.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Halloween 2015

It comes as no surprise to anyone who knows Milania that she was Minnie Mouse for Halloween. And who is Minnie Mouse without a sidekick, Mini Minnie Mouse?!
Last year at this time Cici was just a little seed in my belly and Milania having just turned 1 didn't understand. She wore the costume and went to visit family and friends but didn't understand any of it. This year however, things have changed. Cici just being 4 months old didn't have a clue, and we were unsure how it would all go with Milania but after the first 2 houses in our neighborhood, Ryan and I smiled at each other as we both knew she understood that all she had to do was walk up to a house and grab candy and leave! She LOVED it. So we totally went trick-or-treating this year, for real!
I pushed Cici in the stroller (she was in her infant seat with a blanket and the cover over her seat) and Ryan carried/walk with Milania from door to door. She would go up to the house, smile, grab some candy, and turn towards the next house. When given the opportunity, she would ALWAYS go for the sucker. I'm not joking, I think she came home with about 20 suckers!
We had so much fun making new memories with our two little Minnie Mouses. When I laid my head on my pillow that night I told Ryan "my heart is so full".

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

finally putting up Cici's 4 month update!


Another month has passed and our sweet little pumpkin is suddenly 4 months old!!
Growth We just had your Well Baby check and you are 13 pounds and 9 ounces and 24 inches tall. You are wearing 0-3 clothes and sleepers. And we JUST moved you up to size 2 diapers when we ran out of size 1, but we keep leaking, so we are thinking we may need to go back down for awhile longer. Stop growing, baby.

During the day, you are so relaxed and chill. The only time you really fuss is when you are fighting naps but even then, you don't have a lot to say generally. However, we have recently obtained this "stranger anxiety" and if we are anywhere out of the norm, have any company over, or you are around anyone other than Mom, dad, and Mae Mae, you totally lose your cool. No one is allowed to touch you, talk to you, or even look at you! Yes, it is as bad as I'm stating. Hopefully it's short lived and we can take you out in public or have people over again in the next decade ;)

You have really begun to change rapidly as of late. You aren't quite rolling over TECHNICALLY but everything is over except your arm which gets stuck--so almost. In the last couple weeks you have also begun to "help" hold your bottle. And yes, I said BOTTLE. We have almost gotten you use to the idea of taking one every now and then. You also have started to bring things to your mouth and your favorite is my fingers! If your paci is in, you will pull it out then struggle trying to find your mouth again. It's so sweet to watch you learn and explore new things every day.

Well, you certainly are the baby. You are still sleeping in our room and most of the time, cosleeping. We're in no rush to get you out yet, so we're just going with it. Whatever gets us all sleep, right? Ps-I wish I had somehow known this wisdom with Milania.

Bath time
Our bed
Diaper changes
Milania and her antics

Anywhere we try to have you sleep other than our bed ;)
Car rides, although you're getting better!
Milania and her antics

Fun things to look forward to this coming month
Your first Halloween
Milania's 2nd birthday
Your first trip to the pumpkin patch
Jaxen's 1st birthday party
And finally, here are some pictures from the last month!


**if you've noticed my wording change, thanks for being a reader :) I am actually going to start directing this more towards the girls/our family to look back on, so I plan to write in second person often.