Monday, May 4, 2015

May-king memories.

Get it?? Happy May, everyone!!
Between spring arriving and all that entails, anticipating a new bundle of joy, weddings, and chasing a very active toddler around, we've barely had time to sit and think, but I've gathered my thoughts a bit and thought I would update everyone on what's been up. 
Life has certainly been "happening" and I wanted to document what little of it I could quickly...
I never know who to start with on these, so this time we will start with Milania. First and most importantly, she is doing well. She dodged all the bad bugs this flu season (knock on wood) and really only got "sick" a couple of times and they were nothing more than a cold. I was sure sending her to daycare would land us in the Dr.'s office, but thankfully I was wrong. 
And about daycare?
Just recently, I got done doing a long term sub position at the school. As most of you probably know, I hadn't been in a classroom since Milania has been born except for a few random days here and there, so my anxiety about sending her to daycare full time was through the roof. I thought "what if she cries all day, what if she hates it, what if she gets hurt, what if she doesn't get attention, etc. etc." ️well, I was wrong in all of my worries. After just a few days of going, I knew I was wrong and in fact, I realized I had made a good decision. Not only was it good to send her and get her some socialization that I cannot provide, but we 1000% picked the right person for the job as well. Milania ended up LOVING to go and would even lean in towards her when we showed up in the mornings. When I picked her up, she was happy as a clam and I could tell she had been well taken care of all day. I enjoyed being in the classroom and Milania enjoyed a change of a scenery so it was a win-win. 
She is BEYOND obsessed with the outdoors this season and literally cries and cries when she can't go out or we make her come in. Sometimes it breaks my heart that I can't explain to her "it's too cold today" in 1 year old terms, because to her any day is a good day to be out! We are all very excited for summer and being able to be outdoors all day, every day. 
I know it was awhile ago but Easter was a huge hit around here. She was old enough to hunt for eggs and had so much fun doing so. Ryan and I took her uptown to the city hunt and then also to her grandparents'. After just a few eggs she had caught on that they had something in them and she would pick them up and shake them and if they sounded empty (my mom had put dollars in a few for her) she would throw them back down thinking they weren't any good haha. Then, for about a week or two after Easter, she wanted every snack/meal put in an Easter egg. When she was given Cheerios she would only eat them if she was able to pour them into an egg half haha. It was so cute. 
I am looking forward to taking her to the pool and lake this summer and just seeing her face light up when she does "new" things and gets to explore the world around her. 18 months is by far my favorite age she's been at. 

Cecilia Rose 
I am 35 weeks preggo my eggo! Can you believe it?! If you're thinking this pregnancy has flown by, you're not alone! I feel like it JUST happened, now I'm ready to pop. Anyway, baby girl is cooking away and seems to be doing great! A few weeks ago she was just a couple ounces shy of 4lbs and even had a little fat roll on her wrist to show for it! She's probably around 5-6 lbs if I had to guess, which is great. I feel her kicking and squirming allllll day, every day, and I love every minute of it. Last week, she was sucking her thumb on the ultrasound--she didn't just have her thumb in there but we could see her mouth and tongue moving, she was actively sucking it and it was the cutest thing! As with Milania, my appts now have gotten more intense and consist of ultrasounds and non stress tests these last few weeks but everything seems to look great so far, so if you could keep us in your prayers for a smooth next few weeks, that would be great! 

Bella and Dezi
Unfortunately, I actually have something to report on (one of) them this time around. A couple weeks ago we had gotten home from Target and Ryan had given Milania a snack in a bowl. She sat down at her little table to eat and soon got bored of it and got up, taking her snack with her. Ryan got up to get it and just as he did so. she dropped it (literally like 4-6 inches) and it hit Bella in the head. She instantly fell to the ground on her side, her tongue was hanging out of her mouth, and she wasn't moving at all. She was completely non responsive. Ryan picked her up not really knowing what had happened and I of course ran to her and started rubbing her really hard--like a momma dog when they're first born! I was bawling, and Ryan was panicked. We both thought for sure she was dead/dying as her tongue was turning white and we couldn't hear or feel her getting any oxygen. I wrapped her in my sweatshirt and we ran out the door towards the vet. After about 15 minutes, she had somewhat woken up but was certainly not ok. She was making the strangest noises and movements I had ever heard, still I was sure she was dying. Finally (don't even get me started on the vet situation) we got to see a vet and he basically said there wasn't a lot they could do for her. He gave her some medicine and said they would keep her and hopefully she would snap out of it but it was hard saying. I was still bawling at this point but realized leaving her there wasn't the best option. A) if she was going to die I wanted her to be at home, with us. And b) it was the middle of the night and no one stays there. He said they would check on her next morning. To me that also didn't seem right for her situation. So long story short, we brought her home and I cried some more and prayed she would get better. Luckily, God was listening bc we have Bella still with us. She is not 100% herself and you can tell something has happened to her but she is no longer immobile or non responsive like she was those first 24 hours. So we're praying a little more time will heal her the rest of the way and she can fully recover from this. 
Nothing much has changed with Ryno as of late. He is still in the same position at work and still working the same hours. As you all know, he loves his golf but we have a lot going on in life right now and with a newborn coming in June, we decided a golf membership probably didn't make sense for him this year. He works a lot of hours and his free time is already spread pretty thin. With two under two, things are about to get crazier and it just didn't add up. So if you see him getting the shakes this summer, you know why. 
And yours truly,
Not much has changed for me either except this ever growing belly! I am actually feeling really good nausea-wise here towards the end of pregnancy, which I am so unfamiliar with, yet VERY thankful for. I am trying to soak in these last few weeks with Miss Milania and spoil her with all my love and attention before Cecilia makes her debut. In between chasing her around and napping away our afternoons, I've been attempting to plan out a nursery and getting giddy about all new baby things!
Also, a few weeks ago I was honored enough to be the MOH in one of my very best friend's wedding. I told myself I would blog about it but I also know myself better than that so I will just post some pictures! It was such and honor and a perfect day. It did rain on us here and there but it was very warm out and the wedding was still beautiful--one of, if not the, the prettiest weddings I've ever been to!

So I think Ive covered all the basis on where everyone is and what we've been up to lately. As I said earlier, life is certainly happening around here and we couldn't be more blessed. 
Next month is going to be SUPER busy for us again as we have so many things going on I can barely keep my head straight, but they're all great things and I'm looking forward to it also!! We also have a little secret that's been happening and we've been keeping quiet about that I can't wait to finally share. More on that next time! 
For now, enjoy some pictures of the last month or so....and happy spring to everyone!!