Wednesday, September 9, 2015

updating on the entire family!

I haven't managed to get a family update posted in awhile so I thought it was about that time. We have certainly had a lot going on as of late so I shouldn't be short on things to share!

We'll start with the babies.
Cici is growing and changing every day. We think she is in the 12-13lb range for weight already and is looking more and more like a "baby" than a "newborn" now. She smiles at the sight of us and coos when talked to. Everyone tells us she looks just like Milania, but her daddy and I have a hard time seeing it, though I just melt into a puddle when I see her in Milania's old sleepers/outfits that I loved so much.

She is such a wonderful, laid back, easy going baby. She doesn't care much for her carseat or tummy time, but we can take her anywhere and don't worry about whether or not we'll have to leave or how long we can stay like we did with Milania. In fact, she's already been shopping several times, to the State Fair, and to a wedding! She is just easy on us, and I think God knew that was what we needed right now. I post her monthly updates on here as well, so if you want to see more pictures of her or how she is doing, check those out.

 Our little social butterfly who loves to jabber in paragraph form (who does she get that from?!) and loves to dance! She is closing in on 2 years old now and we can hardly believe it!

I wouldn't say she is changing daily quite like Cecilia is but she is certainly learning and growing daily. Her favorite things consist of mainly of playing outside, dancing, watching Mickey Mouse, helping around the house, and going to Target. She is very active and loves to stay busy and feel involved in everything I do.

Her and I just started a Mommy and Me Gymnastics class and so far, she has absolutely loved that as well. I thought it would be something special that only her and I can do, that doesn't involve Cici and gives her my undivided attention. We both have really enjoyed it so far so I look forward to continuing that with her through the winter.

 She loves to help us around the house with small chores like helping with laundry (she "folds" wash cloths and her clothes), unloads the dishwasher, and throws things away--even things we need. And if any water or anything get spilled on the floor she will use anything to clean it up-including daddy's dress shirts if they're the closest thing she sees. She also loves to cook. She will drag out every.single.pot and pan and cook us up something great for lunch every day. Usually it's clean diapers she has pulled out of the diaper bag, but sometimes it's things like bath letters and dog bows. You just never know what kind of stew she is mixing up.

She has proven to be the BEST big sister to Cici we could have asked for. We had our concerns, as I'm sure any second time parents do, but she has proven us totally wrong. She is always smiling at Cici, grabbing her hand, and tell her "hiiiii" and it nearly brings tears to my eyes every single time she does it. Anytime Cici cries, she will say "uh oh!" and run and grab her pacifier and put it in for her. She will also pat her stomach to calm her down if she's upset which is just so cute. And if she sees me putting her in the Mamaroo she immediately runs over and gets between my legs and starts it for her. Basically, she's really impressed us with how great she has been and I can honestly say she shows zero signs of jealousy toward her, which we are so very thankful for.

And lastly, since I do try to keep this "real" and sometimes real life stinks, our little miss is going to see an Endocrinologist for some tests in October, so if you could keep her and us in your prayers we would really appreciate it!
I feel like his and my posts are normally the same as we don't tend to have a lot of change going on, but this time I DO have something to report. Ryan has started a new job and is LOVING it. This job offer came at us a couple weeks before Cici was due, when we were planning to move, and was totally unexpected. We had no idea what it consisted of and if it would fit with our changing family needs, but he/we took a leap of faith and went for it and it has turned out to be a blessing. I am so glad he said "yes" that evening on the phone to a job we had no idea about. God works in mysterious ways, doesn't he?!
Yours truly


Just kidding. But seriously, I basically called my neurologist crying one day saying I was going to throw my chair out the window and for my own sanity, I NEEDED to be able to sleep in my bed. She basically said to go ahead and try it and see how I feel. If I am feeling ok (no headache, no dizziness, no blurred vision, etc) then go for it. I climbed into my bed that night and haven't looked back since. Thank you, Jesus.

Besides all that, I am feeling so so much better. I still am not able to drive but that is minor. For the most part, I feel like I'm back to my normal life. I still have headaches, and sometimes they get bad, but that is to be expected. Normally though, I feel like ME again and I am so thankful for that. I almost forget I have blood clots in my brain sometimes ;)

Oh, and did I tell you all that I went crazy and chopped 9 inches off my hair and dyed it dark? I totally did.

Family News
And our last bit of news as a family.....
We have been keeping quiet about something for quite awhile (since last November when the basement began being poured)....

We have a new home! And we LOVE it!

I have to admit that it is not decorated at all, and some rooms are still unorganized, but we'll get there. I'm working on the girls' rooms now and planning to go outwards from there. They are only little once and this may be the last times I ever decorate nurseries so I'm enjoying it:) I will post more pictures at some point--you know, when it's unpacked completely, decorated, and clean. So probably never :)
Here are some more pictures of our life as of late...enjoy!

playing with one of her favorite toys-the bubble maker!

We have spent countless hours out on the deck playing in the water table this summer



I know she'll hate me someday for this but I had to! Her and her cousin Jaxen outside playing on the John Deere

Our little sweetie has a cold and isn't feeling so hot right now

Her first corn on the cob

This means its naptime! She gathers all her blankies and paci's and heads to the bedroom

Her first pony


Daddy showed her how to step on two fountains to make the other one go higher and she was amazed

Her and Brody and Zoe at the pool

Helping Grandma water the flowers

Her first rain experience

I asked her to come in and she batted her long eye lashes at me and said "no" I let her play. Enjoy it, baby girl.

Our first State Fair experience with Milania

Ryan asked if she wanted to pet him and she said "No!" and held on a little tigher

Grandma and Papa babysat so we could take Mae Mae to the fair and this little tyke refused a bottle.

So the next time we went, we took her along! Per the usual, you never know who you'll run into up there. Someone guessed she was a week or two old. Ay ay ay.


Chillin in her Mamaroo

Well, we had an accident this day. She fell running on concrete and scraped up her whole face and knees. She got blood everywhere on her pretty white dress. :( The good news is she is healed now and liked showing off her "owie"

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Oh! And I'm wanting to change my page name/address..any thoughts?? Would it confuse people to change it now?? Do you have a cute name idea for me? I'm at a loss but feeling antsy with this one for some reason and thinking incorporating the family into the name more would be better instead of just myself? I don tknow; I just can't decide! Any input would be great!