Sunday, March 27, 2016

sharing Cecilia Rose's monthly update {9 months}

I know it just sounds so cliché and you're probably tired of hearing me say it, but I cannot wrap my head around the fact that you are already 9 months old. In my head I should still be rocking you and watching you sleep in your swing all day but alas, those days are over. And here we are.


We had your 9 month checkup today, actually! You clocked in at 17 pounds and 9 ounces, putting you in just the 25th percentile for weight! I cannot believe it. You look like such a little chunk to me! Your little rolls on your belly and arms and dimples in your thighs are too sweet to only be in the 25th percentile--the scale HAS to be wrong ;). Your height was just over 27" (about the 40th percentile) and your head was in the 50th. You are happy, healthy, and growing like a weed!

To go along with your height/weight, I thought I would update on where you are at for clothes. You wear either 6 or 9 month jammies. The 9 are still a little long and hard to crawl in but the 6 we seem to be putting another pair away every day or so that no longer fit. You are in all 6 month clothes and they seem to fit pretty well for now. You still don't wear shoes often but you are about a size 2 right now. Your diaper size is also size 2.

Did you catch what I mentioned up above?! YOU ARE CRAWLING!!! A couple weeks ago (at about 8.5 months old) you finally got the movement sequence down and from there it took you about a week until you were zipping all around the place. You are SO speedy now and can get from Point A to Point B so quickly. You love following Milania around the house to see what she's up to and like being in the middle of it all. It doesn't take you long before you make your way back to the bathroom or bedroom if I wander back there either. But your favorite thing? Trying to escape when the sliding glass door opens up! We let the puppies out the back door and anytime you see that door open you squeal like a little bird and make a bee line for it. I'm not sure what you think you will do once you get outside but you're determined.
You also have a new found love of clapping and Patty Cake. It takes you a minute to get your hands to actually connect in the middle but once you get going, you get the biggest smile like you are SO proud of yourself.
You are still a mama's girl but you are really starting to like daddy also now. You light up when he walks through the door and will cry if he leaves the room or tries to hand you off when you're not quite ready to leave his arms. It is so sweet to see you melt for him, finally.
Aside from us two, you still don't like many people. If one of the grandparents has been around as of late you will warm up to the them a little faster than most but in general, you're just not a people person!
Trying to eat dog food
The movie Frozen-this is terrible but you really do like it. You have seen it so much because of Milania you will stop what you're doing and actually watch it when you hear it begin!
Mommy and Daddy
Car rides
Diaper changes
Changing your clothes
Getting out of the bath
Things to look forward to this month
Your first Easter!! We are so excited!!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sharing some of Cecilia Rose's pictures.

These pictures are PERFECTION. They are her 6 month pictures but we got them taken a little late, she was actually 7 months because I didn't want all the Christmas décor and outfits hanging around when I was shopping for these. Anyway I think they turned out perfect-outfits and everything! One outfit is the same outfit Milania wore in her 6 month pictures (the romper and headband) and we plan to get a large one of that to hang on the wall next to Milania's. They absolutely look like twins!