Wednesday, June 8, 2016

all about that vacation life!

Now that we've been home a few weeks, I have managed to sneak a little bit of time into a couple days and write about our vacation and post some pictures.

I feel like I should preface this by saying this actually was NOT intended to be a family vacation. However, it turned into that for a number of reasons. 

1.) We really have no one to keep the girls for us. 

2.) Cici is still breastfed and barely eating solids. She would have needed around 150 ounces of breastmilk for me to be able to leave her and then even with that, she still doesn't take a bottle hardly. Then while we were gone and supposed to be enjoying ourselves, I would have spent too much time pumping/storing milk; it just didn't make sense. 

With those two main points on top of a few others, a vacation for just Ryan and I didn't sound like much of a "vacation" at all. vacation it quickly became!

We (I) looked up sooooo many places to go. Several seemed great, but nothing seemed like the right fit for us... except for Beaches in Turks and Caicos. It had everything we wanted, plus some. So we booked it! 

We had to buy a plane ticket for Milania since she is 2, but Cici was able to ride as a lap baby. We started to buy a few things in planning for the trip and after much conversing, decided a cartseat for Milania was a must. So we got some new clothes, swim gear, and a carseat and we were ready and packed--all in ONE suitcase! I know, I know...I'm amazing. 

Our plane left DM at 5:55am so we stayed with Kari, Danny, and Quinny the night before. We put Cici to bed in the outfit she would wear on the plane and kept just a few things out so we could get the girls up and out of there asap, as we didn't want to waste any time that could be spent sleeping. 

We got to the airport and after a headache getting checked in, we were Atlanta bound! We sat Milania in the window seat, Ryan in the middle, and C and I in the aisle seat. I was nervous flying with them and hoped neither of them had a major meltdown but they did SO great. Literally they both fell asleep mere minutes after takeoff and slept the entiiiiire flight. 

We landed and with just a brief layover we sprinted to our next gate and boarded that flight immediately. Now: Paradise bound. 

The flight to Turks and Caicos was perfect. The skies were clear and we could see the most beautiful water beneath us. We saw several islands on the way with what appeared to be clear blue water surrounding them. It was beautiful. 

And then about 2 hours into our flight we started our descent  (it was about a 2 hr 40 min flight) and that's when I became even more excited. The water became clearer and more visible, and several colors of blue surrounded all the little pieces of land. We could even see the reef that surrounds Turks and Caicos as we came in to the airport. It was gorgeous. 

The airport in Provo was a bit bigger than that of Bora Bora but still very very small. We walked directly off the plane (with help from other passengers that were SO nice as both girls were sleeping in our arms), across the tarmac, and into the line for customs. It was all very quick and we were through and to the other side in no time, waiting on our transfer. Cecilia was still sound asleep at this point but Milania was awake now.

We had a 10 minute ride to the resort (they drive on the opposite side of the road!) and before we knew it, we were being greeted with Rum Punch and cool towels, with the sweet smell of salt water in the air. I was in heaven! 

We checked in and were shown to our room...

As soon as our room tour was over we stripped down and into our swimsuits, lathered on the SPF and headed for the water! It was 90 degrees and beautiful!

We spent awhile at the beach that afternoon soaking everything in and then headed back to our room to let the girls sleep (travel is hard one everyone-even if they did sleep the entire flight duration). 
Once we all got up, we got showered and ready for our first dinner out-it was fabulous.

We then ended our first night in paradise by me putting C to bed while Ryan and Milania went to "walk around" a bit.

When they got back and Cici was asleep I asked her if she had fun and she said "dada get me ice cream!" I said "oh yeah?" And she replied "it was biiiiiig" ay ay ay. She has her daddy wrapped around her little cream at 10pm and all. 

The next several days were all about the same. We started our mornings with amazing breakfasts and then headed for iced coffees before we headed back to our room to get loaded up for the day and ready for sun and water! We split our time between the pools, lazy river, waterpark, and beach. 

Milania loved the waterpark slides the most, Cici liked the pools/lazy river, and Ryan and I liked everything!



Milania still naps once a day and Cici still 3x a day so we juggled those as well but it all worked out just wonderful. Cici was able to nap in the stroller in the evening ordinarily for her last nap of the day and during her first nap she often would fall asleep in my arms nursing in a cabana out of the sun. So the only time we went back to the room was for their big nap. It was nice too because it gave Ryan and I some time to sit out on the balcony and enjoy alone time as well. 

One day while the girls napped I went snorkeling. It wasn't nearly as fun without Ryan but I did see a few big fish and a stingray almost immediately. 

Beaches has a partnership with Sesame Street. The Sesame Street characters constantly walk around and allow for photo ops. We don't watch Sesame Street and I tried to get Milania interested before we went but she didn't seem to care. About the second day though, she was alllll about Cookie Monster. We would often spot him from our balcony and it would make her one happy little girl. Then at breakfast we ran into Elmo and I thought she would be so excited and want her picture taken but I was very wrong. She totally freaked. From then on we kept our distance but she is still talking about Cookie Monster constantly. 

Along with this, they have a Sesame Street Parade once a week that goes through the different "villages" (parts of the resort). We weren't expecting too much but you guys, it was great!! They had dancers and music and a train and all the characters. Seriously the best parade we've ever been to! Cici didn't seem to agree though, she slept the whole time!


To wrap up our trip we had family pictures taken. It was supposed to be at sunset which i think we were a little early but none the less I love them and they turned out great!! It's hard on vacation to get pictures of the whole family together so this was perfect. 

This vacation was perfect. The girls were so easy and so much fun and Ryan and I had so much fun exploring things with them. I always encourage people to go on a honeymoon because I never felt more in love than I did on my honeymoon--the stress of the wedding behind you, and just 1 on 1 time for several days/weeks is amazing. Yet, having Ryan AND my babies with me and exploring somewhere new totally topped that feeling of a honeymoon. My heart was full x5474936383947484. 



We cannot wait for our next adventure. 

The camera that I use on vacation is an Olympus Tough TG-4. It is waterproof and has built in wifi. 

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